Children’s Book by the Plastic Soup Foundation: ‘This Was the Plastic Age’.

Author Geert-Jan Roebers, illustrator Margot Westermann, and photographer Michiel Spijkers, commissioned by the Plastic Soup Foundation, wrote a beautiful children’s book about the problem of plastic soup. Spronck Foundation has contributed to making this book possible.

Readers are taken to the distant future, where the plastic problem is long in the past. An archaeologist tells about the time we are living in now: the plastic age, where people threw away plastic cutlery after a party, animals got into trouble because of plastic waste, and manufacturers were allowed to put microplastics in toothpaste.

In ‘This Was the Plastic Age’, children go on an expedition to the plastic age with Dr. Buis, a plastic age expert from 2132. He tells everything about the plastic problem: what types were there, where in the world they suffered from it, and which young heroes tackled the plastic problem.

Three young heroes have been selected on each continent who have rebelled to address the plastic problem. These young heroes have demonstrated, gone on strikes, started petitions, developed robots, and much more.