Plastic Avengers Conference (PAC23) – Plastic Soup Surfer

Plastic Avangers Conferentie foto

On April 14, 2023, Plastic Soup Surfer organized the Plastic Avengers Conference ’23 where 120 Plastic Avengers, politicians and the business community came together. Result: lots of energy, inspiration, and 9 plans to tackle litter, such as The Big Disposable Show and The National Roadside Waste Harvest Festival. With these, the participants will collectively work on […]

Children’s Book by the Plastic Soup Foundation: ‘This Was the Plastic Age’.


Author Geert-Jan Roebers, illustrator Margot Westermann, and photographer Michiel Spijkers, commissioned by the Plastic Soup Foundation, wrote a beautiful children’s book about the problem of plastic soup. Spronck Foundation has contributed to making this book possible. Readers are taken to the distant future, where the plastic problem is long in the past. An archaeologist tells about the […]

Fossil Fashion Campaign by Changing Markets

Foto Fossil Fashion

The Fossil Fashion campaign by the Changing Markets Foundation aims to address the harmful impact of fast fashion and the use of cheap synthetic fibres. These plastic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, account for nearly 70% of global textile production and form the backbone of fast fashion, but also cause serious problems in textile waste […]

Fionn Ferrera

Fionn Ferrera, a 22-year-old winner of the Google Science Fair 2019, has developed a method to remove microplastics from water using a magnetic liquid called ferrofluid. The Spronck Foundation contributed to scaling up this concept.